• Not all deals go 100% smoothly- If your deal becomes voided, then your funds are returned by wire that day!! Our policy is a SAME DAY REFUND, Not 24 hours - Not in 5 days but THAT DAY. No one else has this efficient policy.
  • Our record speaks for itself: We have 100% satisfaction with all of our customers and we are also rated 100% on Central Dispatch for shipping cars on time with proper insurance in place.
  • AUTO EXPORT DIRECT offers free shipping to the port of your choice on the east or west coast of America. We can ship to New Jersey, Miami, Los Angles or San Francisco. We work with many freight forwarders to help our customers.
  • All Titles come with NO LIENS, guaranteed. Our buyers know if a dealer wants to hold the title or place a lien on the title at which time they MUST walk away from the deal.
  • With nearly 40 Years in the Auto Brokering Business-- your money is always safe and secure.